WENDY BOWKETT | Business Development

Delecant_Wendy_Bowkett“Key themes that connect work and life, that inspire, drive and empower me: collaborating, learning, negotiating, strategizing, planning, building, implementing, improving.” – Wendy Bowkett

Wendy Bowkett is driven by discovery, passion and entrepreneurship. She has been an independent and ingenious spirit as far back as she can remember. Bowkett learned of her innate love for travel early on, at fourteen, on a school trip to Soviet Russia. As a result, she committed two post high school graduation years, to working and traveling Australia, SE Asia and Europe. She launched her first Canadian venture, an independent consultancy in 1991, with a storefront in Victoria, British Columbia and attained immediate success. She grew her business to successfully service SMEs in hospitality, tourism, service and property development sectors in Canada, Asia and Australia, and has done so for the past twenty-three years. During this time she also earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology at the University of Victoria in 1997, her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management in 2005 and has risen to become a highly regarded professional with an impressive roster of clients including Artificer Development Corp, Small House Ventures, City Engineering, FashCam Corp. and Grant Thornton

Bowkett continues to actively seek out opportunities to expand her knowledge of culture, art, community, people, food, architecture, politics and history, around the world. Travel and adventure form a big part of her work-life balance. These afford her the added advantage of being able to introduce and integrate new insightful, global ideas to optimize her clients’ goals.

Health and wellness have always been part of Bowkett’s own personal life landscape and she has found smart ways to also integrate these discoveries into her consultancy’s offerings. Bowkett has partnered with a team of specialists to develop a new multimodal approach to consulting to help clients identify and navigate how their own health and wellbeing may be tailored to boost their business success.

Bowkett enjoys a long history of philanthropy and volunteerism. She has served as board member to the Victoria Downtown Residents’ Association over the past nine years, many of these as Treasurer, building budgets and ensuring fiscal viability for the association. Bowkett is currently serving her second term as President. In this capacity, she has overseen rebranding, expanded online presence, and modernized the organization’s social media strategy. She has revamped committee structure and related policies to facilitate growth and volunteer recruitment.

Wendy Bowkett is fixed on open communication, expanding community, maximizing reach, and ultimately social benefit.